Eubric Freeport is the most prominent location in Heroica RPG, for the headquarters of Heroica lie in the city. The main storyline of the quest focuses on the power struggle within the city that has no laws or government.


Map of Eubric


Eubric Freeport is by far the largest city in Uland, which in turn is the largest of the Free Islands. The city is divided into six districts:

In addition, Fort Bonaparte lies on a small island in the Eubric Cove. Hidden somewhere in the sewers lies The Wolf's Den. Deeper underneath the city lies the remnants of Nu Mercution, the capital of the Moon Elven kingdom of Mercution. Gnomes have formed their own colony called Zylstra amidst those ruins.

Houses in PowerEdit

The city has no ruler, but money and fame is key to obtaining power within the city's hierarchy, and certain families and guilds have managed to get that power over the years. The city was originally founded 400 years ago by the Hinckwells, the Bonapartes and the Porthiar. The latter family was extinguished and new ones rose in its place: the wizarding family of the Ziegfrieds and the alchemists' guild known as the Guild of Invision. Much later, the noble house of Shadeaux arrived, having been exiled from Charis, and they challenged the merchant Hinckwells as the richest house in Eubric. Some years ago, the ambassadorial family of the Ji Pei gained power by introducing new technology and architecture to the citizens.

Because the city has no judicial system, crime has always run rampant on the streets. However, a werewolf named Ulric Wolfkin managed to rally most of the crime gangs under his banner, forming the Wolfgang. The faction has since moved away from crime and are currently attempting to rally the citizens to elect Ulric as the first king of Eubric. The other houses in power would much rather keep the status quo.

Heroica, the organization the player characters belong to, has been a staple part of the city's power struggle for the past 250 years, but since it was founded and is still funded by all the houses in concert, it has had to remain largely impartial in the matter. The same goes for the Town Watch, which has been deemed corrupt and unjust since its founding but lately has began to raise its status as a peacekeeper thanks to its new captain, Patricia Cousland.