Felton claimed to have hailed from a small town in the High Kingdoms, but devoted his life to catching Wren.

Personality Edit

Felton is practical, cunning, and quick-witted. His sense of humor is often dry, but he over all an optimist. Felton can be extremely headstrong and often believes his theories to be correct - and is not afraid to act upon them. Felton is also shown to be a good friend to the heroes and his traveling companions, and clearly is well respected by Hans, Poletad and McColt.

Biography Edit

The Arena Edit

Felton was in the Arena when the heroes of Quest 7 found him. He assisted with their escape, and though he and the heroes were not deposited at the same spot, he and Hans began to search for Wren to stop her reign of madness.

Haddon Edit

As part of Quest 19, Felton travelled to Haddon. Arriving with Hans before the heroes, he was seperated from his companion in a storm, which Wren used to create a double for him. Though Hans and he originally came to assist the Rebels, he soon realized that McColt and the guard were in the right.  Though his double continued to assist the rebels, the two were eventually brought together, and the heroes were able to pick the copy from the original.  After assisting the guards in putting downthee rebellion he left Haddon to track down Wren.  

Dastan Edit

In Dastan, Felton once more met the heroes.  His friend, Hans, told the heroes that Felton had been scarred by his experience in Haddon, and was now incredibly paranoid.  He assisted them in a number of tasks, though his main objective remained stopping Wren.  After he convinced a group of heroes to kill Constance, the Leader of the Dragon Knights whom Felton mistakenly believed to be a Cultist and traitor, Felton was thrown in jail.  He later redeemed himself by figuring out the enemy was using a tunnel system to travel the city.  During the Battle of Drakencourt he survived a fight in the prison, though he was locked in a cell and weaponless.

Valley of Peace Edit

Felton arrived in the Valley of Peace after the heroes have fought the Last General.  He swore that he and his gang will be there to assist the heroes when they fight Wren next.

Appearances Edit

  • Quest #7: The Arena
  • Quest #19: Let's Start a Riot
  • Quest #29: Journey to Dastan
  • Quest #31: Ambassadors to Dastan
  • Quest #38: The Lost Party
  • Quest #53: Chaos in Eubric

Battle Statistics Edit

Quest 53 (Last Appearance) Edit

  • Level 16 1/2 Chaos Regulator *Orderly*
  • Power: 26
  • Health: 28/28
  • Gold: 56
  • Equipment: Rapier (WP: 10)