Quest #61: Grim Grinning Ghosts, is the sixty first official quest in the Heroica RPG and the first quest in the Cemetery Story Arc. It was the first quest to be hosted by Kintobor.

Plot Edit

Father McCreary , the pastor of the Way's End Cemetery in Eubric , calls Heroica to the cemetery due to the area becoming overrun with malicious spooks. He informs the party that the grounds have been haunted since the area became a church and cemetery, although the undead that live in the cemetery tend to keep to themselves. The undead flooding the cemetery have a malicious intent, and after causing property damage around the church, McCreary wants the unwanted spooks gone. The party would have to rid the grounds five areas of spectres, undead, and other scary things in order to save the cemetery, and receive their reward. Along the way, the party met the groundskeeper Mr. Timmins , who later retired, Scary, Jerry, and Thomas Jefferson, the graveyard's gossiping skeletons, and Violet and Aldus, two love struck zombies who lost each other during the chaos.

The quest was loosely inspired by Quest #1: Harvest Time.