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Welcome to the Heroica RPG wiki, a repository of information pertaining to the Heroica RPG on the Eurobricks forums!

The Eurobricks Heroica RPG was founded in August of 2011 based on the LEGO Games subtheme of the same name, and has been running continuously ever since. With three years and over a hundred Quests under its belt, the world of Olegaia has blossomed, expanding further and further every day with new Quests, new (and old!) characters, and new locations. We're always looking for fresh blood and new ideas--so what are you waiting for? Join us today!

About the Heroica RPG

Heroica RPG is a multiplayer role-playing game open to all members of the Eurobricks forums. In the immortal words of the RPG's founder, Sandy:

In the game, you will join an organization of Heroes in a sprawling fantasy world, embark on epic quests, battle fierce monsters and solve intriguing mysteries. Your powers and repuataion will grow the more you play.

Join the ranks now, and aspire to be remembered as one of the greatest champions of Heroica!''

~ Sandy, game creator and manager

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