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Heroes can carry various items to aid them during quests. Most items can be bought from a shop at a fixed price.

  • Consumables can only be used once, so it's smart to carry several of them.
  • Equipment are weapons, shields and artifacts that increase a hero's statistics.
  • Quest Items help a hero on a certain quest, and are unlikely to be of value outside that quest.
  • Spell Items are gems, scrolls and other items that allow casting of magic through the use of ether.
  • Tools can be used endlessly to pass obstacles found on quests once they are attained.
  • Treasures can be found during quests and exchanged for gold in a shop.

Other items do not require to be used or equipped, they benefit the hero carrying them in his or her inventory automatically. Examples include:

  • "Begone With the Winds" (Grants access to Weather Mage expert job class upon Level 30.)
  • Black Market Insignia (Allows the owner to seek out a black market dealer from any city they visit on a quest, as decided by the QM.)
  • Cornucopia (This horn of plenty is said to ensure limitless wealth. Increases the holder’s gold by 25% at the end of each quest.) Value: 500 gold.
  • "Fifty Shades of Bley" (Grants access to Harlot expert job class upon Level 30.)
  • Libra Signet (This sealing ring bears the secret emblem of the merchant’s guild. The owner can purchase items at a discount (decided by the QM) in any store during a quest. Does not apply to the Marketplace.) Value: 500 gold.
  • Tyrant Statue (Increases the holder’s gold by 50% at the end of each quest)
  • Veteran's Badge (Grants access to the veteran job class upon Level 40 without having to have successfully completed 10 quests beforehand.)
  • Vindicator's Seal (Grants access to the Vindicator expert job class upon Level 30; cannot be given away)