NPCs, or Non-Player Characters are characters created by the Quest Master. Some are allies, most are enemies, and a few even have their own job classes. There are far too many NPCs in the RPG to list in one place, so only the most prominent are listed here.

Deceased characters are marked with this symbol: †

Faction NPCsEdit

These NPCs are major figures in the various factions of the world of Heroica RPG.


The HinckwellsEdit

The ShadeauxEdit

The ZiegfriedsEdit

The Guild of InvisionEdit

The BonapartesEdit

The Ji PeiEdit

The WolfgangEdit

The Town WatchEdit

The MarketplaceEdit

  • Anwyl Smokebeard (burly blacksmith pretending to be a dwarf)
  • Portia (vain potion peddler working for the Guild of Invision)
  • Dain Almight (insecure dwarven bombcrafter working for the Guild of Invision)
  • Gnomeo (gnomish tool seller with a penchant for insulting his clients)
  • Fabian Fancyfeather (foppish half-elven artifact merchant who is hot for the studs of Heroica)
  • Elphaba (sinister greenskinned witch who appears from time to time to sell magic items)

Sisters of DanabEdit

The Fields of GloryEdit

  • Old Mac Donauld (landowner who turned his farm into a monster hunting grounds for Heroica)
  • Rocky the Rooster, Billy the Goat and Missy the Pig (Old Mac's farm animal assistants)

Other Notable Residents of EubricEdit

The Crew of The Magpie Edit

Allied Party NPCsEdit

These are NPCs who have fought directly alongside Heroica in past quests. Some of them also possessed unique job classes.