There are unusual weapons that do not fit into the usual weapon types. They are often suitable for anyone.

List of Other WeaponsEdit

  • Anchor (WP:6, anchor, suitable for dream sailors)
  • Average Sword (WP:5, greatsword/longsword)
  • Brain Drill (WP:20, damages the target’s ether as well; suitable to all classes)
  • Frying Pan (WP:1, +1 to maximum health, suitable for anyone)
  • Great Axpeord (WP:40, cannot be wielded with a shield; greatsword/axe/spear)
  • Harpoon (WP:3, ranged, suitable for dream sailors)
  • Pointy Stick (WP:1, suitable for knights and mages)
  • Pitchfork of Abomination (WP:1, pierces all defenses but breaks after one use; suitable for anyone)
  • Pitchfork of Domination (WP:50, pierces all defenses including SP, suitable for anyone)
  • Old Boot (WP:1, cannot be enchanted, sold, or retrieved, ranged, suitable for anyone)
  • Orochi Katana (WP:32, darkness-elemental, longsword; suitable for tao warriors)
  • Rapier of Sem (WP:7, suitable for rangers and rogues)
  • Rusty Shovel (WP:5, damages undead; suitable for gravediggers)
  • Security Bat (WP:4/8 against rock monsters; suitable for night guards)
  • Silk Fan (WP:2, wind-elemental; suitable for altar girls)
  • Standard Issue Spear (WP:4, suitable for anyone)
  • Steel Pointed Spear (SP:4, suitable for barbarians and mages)
  • Support Beam (Renamed "Sleeper"; WP:5, deals asleep effect, hollow, can be used as either a melee or a throwing weapon by anyone)
  • Sword of Power (WP:6, greatsword/longsword)
  • Tongue on a Stick (WP:1, all Misses become Aims, suitable for anyone)
  • Torch (WP:1, used to light dark resounding caves, suitable for anyone)
  • Weedcutter (WP:1, multiplied by 100 against plant enemies; suitable to all classes)