The Red Assassins are a group of the most ruthless and competent assassins in Uland. They are willing to do anything to get the job done - in fact, it's part of their contract.

Lore Edit

The Red Assassins are mostly shrouded in mystery, though there is a little bit known about them.

Items Edit

Cloak of the Red Assassin Edit

Most Red Assassins own and carry with them a Cloak of the Red Assassin, which is bestowed upon them when they enter the order. The cloak makes assassination attempts much easier.

Voucher of the Cloak of the Red Assassin Edit

There are a number of vouchers for the Cloak of the Red Assassin scattered around Olegaia. If a Red Assassin is shown the voucher, they are duty sworn to hand over their cloak. Why they must do this is entirely unknown, and achieving a voucher is incredibly difficult. It is most likely only given to friends of the order, though assumedly some of those friends most give the cloaks away.

Red Death Edit

All Red Assassins must accept the vow of the Red Death upon joining the order.

The Vow Edit

  • If any mortal to see a Red Assassin actively engage in combat is not killed, the Assassin suffers the Red Death.
  • If any contract is not completed (if a target is not killed in the appropriate amount of time) the Assassin suffers the Red Death.
  • If the Assassin tells anyone who has hired them, they will suffer the Red Death.

Consequences Edit

The Red Death kills the Assassin. It begins as a nose bleed, or a bleeding from the mouth. Assumedly the Red Death causes death through internal bleeding.

Escaping the Red Death Edit

Some Assassins are able to escape the Red Death - those who are high in the order are not subject to it, but anyone with the will and means can overcome it. The procsss is shrouded in mystery, but it is possible: the subject must somehow become "dead" (or nearly dead, as in a comatose) and then, upon reviving themselves, must fight off the Shroud of the Red Death that has exited their body. By exhibiting their ability to conquer such a challenging magical foe while in a weakened state (having just recovered from a near death experience) they have earned the right to be exempt from the Red Death.

Notable Red Assassins Edit