Semiramis Azzurati is called The Sand Queen with a good reason, for she was the wife of King Nebukadnezzar of the once fertile land of Azzurat that was buried under the desert by an archdemon summoned by her mad husband. She and most of her people managed to escape the doom, thanks to her inherent power of clairvoyance. Besides being a Veteran of Heroica, she also acts as the Oracle of Fabula Sibylla in Eubric.

As the Oracle, Semiramis upkeeps the Shrine of Fabula Sibylla at the Hovels with some priestesses. She built the shrine on the very place where the portal that brought her from Azzurat to Eubric had opened. The portal remains open to this day. She sent some heroes through the portal to slay an archdemon that caused her nightmares and disturbed her visions, but it gave away the location of the portal, and a stranger burst through it, killing one of her priestesses who was standing in the way. Where the stranger went after that is still unknown.


Semiramis reveals the portal to Azzurat hidden inside the Shrine of Fabula Sibylla.