Shields are special type of defensive equipment only suitable for knights, dragoons, regulators, skirmishers and vindicators. The shields' defensive capabilities are marked by their Shield Power (SP) and they also have a chance to deflect attacks completely.

The best skill of each job class is also referred to as a Shield Skill, as a nod to Heroica's emblem.

List of ShieldsEdit

  • Aeon Aegis (SP:10 multiplied by the number of battle in the quest (nullified after every quest), cannot be upgraded, shield)
  • Blue Hand Shield (SP:5, grants immunity to five effects of the user’s choice; these immunities cannot be changed once selected; shield)
  • Demonic Shield (SP:25, absorbs darkness-elemental damage; will break if hit by a light-elemental attack or a holy opponent; cannot be used by paladins or vindicators; shield)
  • Captain's Shield (SP:3, shield)
  • Crystal Shield (SP:1 multiplied by the amount of gems imbued; cannot be upgraded otherwise; shield)
  • Elven Shield (SP:3; All elves in the party gain equal amount of SP as long as the wielder is standing; shield)
  • Ethereal Shield (SP:9, the wearer is immune to magic; shield)
  • Fauxthril Shield (SP:4, shield)
  • Golden Scarab Shield (SP:15, immunity to light-elemental damage.)
  • Gorgonhead Aegis (SP:6, enemies that hit the user have a 1/6 chance to become petrified, shield)
  • Iris Shield (SP:0; reflects physical damage back to the attacker regardless of row or defense, if the user survives the attack.)
  • Lion Knight Shield (SP:4, shield)
  • Mockthril Shield (SP:4, shield)
  • Paladin Shield (SP:5, shield)
  • Pongcanis Shield (SP:3, shield)
  • Robust Shield (SP:8, shield)
  • Round Metal Shield (SP:7, shield)
  • Rusted Mythril Shield (SP:30, has 1/3 chance to break every time the wearer takes damage; shield)
  • Scarab Shield (SP:5, shield)
  • Scorpion Shield (SP:10, immunity to poisoned, causes poisoned by 10-effect to anyone physically attacking the wielder, shield)
  • Serpenthead Shield (SP:2, causes poisoned by 2-effect to anyone physically attacking the user, shield)
  • Shadeaux Shield (SP:4, shield)
  • Shield (SP:1, shield)
  • Shield of Invisibility (SP:0, the user is impervious to Free Hits unless they are the last hero standing.)
  • Skull Shield (SP:6; immunity to dark-elemental damage; suitable to Black Knights only; shield)
  • Stag Shield (SP:6, immunity to bound-effect; shield)
  • Turtleshell Shield (SP:9, shield)
  • Tusk Shield (SP:10, enemies that hit the user are damaged equal to the shield’s SP; shield)
  • Winter Shield (SP:10, absorb ice but take double damage from fire; shield)
  • Wolfhead Aegis (SP:5, enemies that hit the user become afraid, suitable for anyone with Wolfgang reputation; shield.)
  • Wooden Shield (SP:5, immunity to wood-element; shield.)
  • Wyrd Shield (SP:4, prevents ether reduction; suitable to mystic knights and paladins; shield)