• Faction: Sungold Alliance
  • Symbol: Falcon
  • Colours: White, Blue, Yellow
  • Base: Fort Bonaparte

The Bonaparte fleet rules the waters around the Free Islands. During the Orcish Invasion 250 years ago, the family rose to fame after sinking the orcish warships approaching Eubric, thus saving the otherwise unprotected city from being invaded. The Bonapartes are described as upright and rigorous members of the society. Any captain who docks often in the Freeport has learned to keep good relations to this family.

When Ulric Wolfkin's rising popularity threatened the future of the city, the Bonapartes aligned themselves with the Hinckwells and the Ziegfrieds to form the Sungold Alliance.

The Bonaparte Family Edit

Notable Captains and Crew Edit

It is impossible for the Bonapartes to personally sail all their ships, and so they have hired a great number of personell to command and crew their ships.

  • First Officer Aquilo (first mate of the Sunflower, Attina Bonaparte's vessel)
  • Captain Bartholomew Hornigold (Captain of the Princess of the Night)
  • Cadet Colby (Security Personnel)
  • Cadet Drill Sergeant Drake (Security Personel)
  • Cadet George (Security Personnel)
  • Captain Geor Bullsworth
  • Cadet Henry (Security Personnel, deserted)
  • Rear Admiral Herman Melville (Overseer of Eubric port operations) †
  • Captain Javier "Hooks" Caldera
  • Commander Meliodoul Fogfarer †
  • Privateer Nestor (Sailor)
  • Captain Pellaeon (Captain of an Unknown Ship, stationed near New Harbour)
  • Captain Pierce Lane (Captain of an Unknown Ship, sunk in Quest#92)
  • Cadet Morgan (Security Personnel, deserted)