• Faction: Sungold Alliance
  • Symbol: Crown
  • Colours: Dark Blue, Light Blue, Gold
  • Base: Hinckwell Villa

After having ruled the trade in Eubric Freeport for almost four centuries, the Hinckwells were not pleased to gain a rival from the Shadeaux family. Nowadays it is impossible to say which one of them is more wealthy and powerful, but the Hinckwells certainly act like they were and had always been. Their upper class appearance hides the fact that the family would resort to just about any means to keep their wealth. One of their ancestors is among the original Veterans of Heroica, which has kept them in good terms with the organization.

When Ulric Wolfkin's rising popularity threatened the future of the city, the Hinckwells aligned themselves with the Bonapartes and the Ziegfrieds to form the Sungold Alliance.

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