Heroes of Heroica, I would like to go on an adventure with you. It seems that prophets in the area have been cursed as of late. The Oracle still cries out at night, and now I too am having strange dreams. Every night the Prophetess of legend comes to me, begging me to find her lost stories. I'm sure you know the tale. I'm not one for hopeless searching... but I am a prophet, after all, so perhaps my visions mean a thing or two. I think it's time for me to find out
~ Ella Septrine, Novice Priestess at the Oracle's Shrine in Eubric

The Prophetess and the Warrior is the ninety-second Quest in Heroica RPG. It was hosted by Zepher.


Ella Septrine contacted the heroes due to visions she was having of an old Fairy Tale from Dastan - the Prophetess and the Warrior, two companions who travelled Olegaia in the days of old. Their stories were lost to time, but Ella believed they could be recovered.

After a run in with some robbers, the heroes set about collecting what they needed. The Imperial Order, attempted to dissaude them, but they dispatched him. They gathered Doc Daneeka (granting them through one of his machines the ability to breathe under water) and Captain Lane (who procured them a ship).

On the open sea Arthur and Ella descended to collect the book. They were confronted by a Sea Monster and later a Golden Automaton. Above the water, the rest of the crew fought off a mysterious ship. Though the heroes lost the ship, they were able to retrieve the book and its many wonders.

After the events, Ella invited Tarn to return to Dastan with her, which he accepted.


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