• Faction: Crescent Union
  • Symbol: Bat
  • Colours: Dark Grey, Black, Red
  • Base: Chateau de Shadeaux

They may be as rich as the Hinckwells, but the Shadeaux certainly do not show it off like their rivals. Their fortune was collected in a short time by secret deals and questionable liaisons. Before their arrival to Eubric some twenty years ago, the Shadeaux ruled an inconsequential county in the distant kingdom of Charis, but they were sent to live in exile after vicious rumours began to circulate about the cause of the count's pale demeanor.

When Ulric Wolfkin's rising popularity threatened the future of the city, the Shadeaux aligned themselves with the Guild of Invision and the Ji Pei to form the Crescent Union.

The Shadeaux Family Edit

  • Count Noctus Shadeaux (head of the house)
  • Umbra Shadeaux (Noctus’s older daughter)
  • Nuitan Shadeaux (Noctus’s son, twin brother of Bellanotte)
  • Bellanotte Shadeaux (Noctus’s younger daughter, twin sister of Nuitan)
  • Countess Oubliette Shadeaux (Noctus's wife who passed away when giving birth to the twins)
  • Matinus Shadeaux (Noctus's younger brother who gladly gave his small trading business to the count and retired abroad.)

Associates and Other Family Members Edit

  • Isaac Shawe (A shadowy assistant to the Shadeaux who handles more covert or dangerous endeavors).
  • Samuel Shawe (Isaac's younger brother, handles trades and deals in Eubric and across Uland).