• Faction: Sungold Alliance
  • Symbol: Two-headed Phoenix
  • Colours: Purple, Dark Red, Grey
  • Base: Ziegfried Manor

Described as something between zany clowns and dangerous lunatics, the Ziegfried family of wizards is certainly eccentric beyond measure. Because of the prejudice they face, they tend to keep to themselves. They have made up a complex hierarchy of ranks for the members of their Circle of Mages. The meaning of those ranks is unknown to outsiders. The Ziegfrieds are known to possess dubious fields of expertise, such as necromancy, demonology, teleportation and strange creatures.

When Ulric Wolfkin's rising popularity threatened the future of the city, the Ziegfrieds aligned themselves with the Bonapartes and the Hinckwells to form the Sungold Alliance.

The Ziegfried Family Edit

Associates Edit

Due to the influence of this powerful wizard family, the Ziegfrieds have many allies and employees under their service.

  • Schuester (Butler at Ziegfried Manor)
  • Nanny Mag Phee (Nanny at Ziegfried Manor)
  • Chef Gordon Bleu (Chef at Ziegfried Manor)
  • Captain Squidraken (Captain of the Flouncy Phoenix)
  • Jaws (First Mate of the Flouncy Phoenix)
  • Adjunct Artificer Marco Malfron (Mabel Ziegfried's half-brother)

Incomplete Family Tree Edit

The following is an incomplete family tree of the known Ziegfried family members. This is not an exhaustive list!

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