Violet is a Zombie NPC appearing in quests #61: Grim Grinning Ghosts and #94: Go Now, In Peace. In her first appearance, she was quiet and rather shut in, but by her second, she was much more outgoing and helpful to the party. She can be headstrong and impatient, but also caring and sweet. She currently dates Aldus, another zombie in the Way's End Cemetery. Violet has little recollection of her past life.

Violet joined the party of #94: Go Now, In Peace as an ally Gravedigger, and assisted the party in defeating Amber Makepeace and the Dastanese Comet Killer.

61: Grim Grinning Ghosts Edit

Violet's first appearance was in Grim Grinning Ghosts, where she asked the heroes to find her boyfriend, Aldus. She was quiet and stuttered as she spoke. When the heroes cleared the cemetery of the malicious spooks, Violet and Aldus gave the party a ring to commemorate the occasion, which went to one of the heroes.

94: Go Now, In Peace Edit

In her second appearance, Violet assisted the party in stopping the menace that was tainting the paladin crypt, and in the end recovered her stolen heart, which was being used in a ritual to resurrect a dragon by Amber Makepeace and a group of Helvetian cultists to test a spell that could turn Eubric into a necropolis. Violet's vocal skills had improved greatly since her last appearance, and she even gained more of a personality. She claimed she needed her heart to truly love Aldus. She thanked the heroes for retrieving her heart once they had defeated the undead paladins and cultists, leaving for the cemetery proper.